Best Detox Ever: Niacin, Exercise, Infrared Sauna

Best Detox Ever: Niacin, Exercise, Infrared Sauna

The Best Detox Ever- Niacin, Exercise, Infrared Sauna and Plenty of Water. Dr. Mercola presents the most effective whole body Detox of heavy metals, toxins, …

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  1. Niacin alone can kill you. Without taking other complementary B vitamins you will double your homocysteine levels and that will cause a heart attack or stroke. As you increase Niacin intake you must increase B6 and B12 intake proportionally. Niacin is a great detoxification tool. Use it with the other necessary vitamins or you will screw up your body.

  2. At first I properly panicked when first getting the flush, but now I actually enjoy it! I’m only taking about 200mg per day though. The idea of taking up to 2000-5000mgs a day- wow, I think i’d feel like i was dying!

    Another great thing about Niacin is that it’s really cheap too! : )

  3. demanding2bfree Reply May 10, 2013 at 9:05 am

    anybody give this a try? how did it go?

  4. It’s not a month…. I have a physical next week, If you take 2000mg (or 4 500mg’s) of Niacin a day or 2 before the test (along with exercise and water) you WILL pass, but it will only cover a U.A. test, if you’re getting a blood or hair test, you’re fucked. (be warned though, don’t do more then 2000mg’s of Niacin I have heard horror stories where people end up in the hospital… make the limit 2000mg.)